Best of Northwest and central Iran

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Sunday 15 March 2023
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This small group tour of "Best of Northwest and Central Iran" offers an experience that few Westerners will have the privilege of being invited to witness. An extraordinary trip to the most amazing places in Northwest and central Iran.
Visiting the biggest brick made dome in the world, biggest covered bazaar in the world, historical and fascinating monasteries, biggest water cave in the world, second biggest but definitely the most beautiful square in the world and so many surprises are waiting for you on this tour.
And in the end of this tour you will visit 11 World Heritage Site and so many places on waiting list to be world heritage site.*
Tour names
Best of Northwest and central Iran
Departure date
Sunday 15 March 2023
Return date
Sunday 05 April 2023
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2199 Euro
Land Only
5 stars, 4 stars and in some cities boutique traditional hotels
Age range
19 to 89
Travel style
Small Group Tour/Guaranteed Departure
Transportation by deluxe vehicle
Head office location: Vancouver, Canada


 (*World Heritage Sites)

Included services:

  • Accommodation: 4-stars and 3 stars hotel or Traditional/boutique hotel (Bed and Breakfast)
  • Transport: Private first-class vehicle
  • Flights: Domestic flight from Shiraz to Tehran
  • Visa Reference Code: Required to apply for your Iranian Visa
  • Guide: English-speaking Local Guide
  • Refreshment: 250 ml bottled water and juice per person, twice a day
  • 3 lunches and 1 dinner

Excluded services:

  • Flight: International flight
  • Visa: Your Iranian Visa
  • Insurance: It will be upon arrival at airport (about 15 Euros)
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner
  • Entrance fees

Day 01: Tehran (arrival with International flight) (-,-,-)

On your arrival to Tehran, you will be greeted and transferred to your hotel in Tehran.
Depending on your arrival, we will have some city tours for you.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 2: Tehran – Soltaniyeh - Tabriz (650 km / Duration 8 hours / Highway) (B,-,-)

Today we will drive to Tabriz, to the biggest and the most historical city in North West of Iran. Tabriz is a gate between Europe and Asia, North and South, and with its biggest covered Bazaar in the world is a must to do in Iran.
On our way to Tabriz, we will visit Soltanyeh mosque (World Heritage Site), the widest brick made dome in the world and the third highest. This gigantic mosque is visible almost from 10 km away. After our visit to Soltaniyeh mosque we will continue to colorful mountains on the way to Tabriz, these mountains are like a rainbow on the mountains along the road. We will have a short but spectacular stop for photography.
On your arrival to Tabriz, we will visit the most famous park in Iran, Elgoli Park, formally called Shah Goli, this park is a place for Tabrizi people to spend their free time with their friends or families.
What you will explore today:
• Soltaniyeh Mosque (World Heritage Site)
• Colorful mountains
• Elgoli Park
Overnight: Tabriz

Day 3: Tabriz (B,L,-)

Tabriz is a home to Turk-Azeri speaking people with their own tradition and culture different than the rest of Iran. Today our tour will start with Constitution House of Tabriz, Tabriz and its heroes, Satar Khan, Bagher Khan and people of Tabriz fight against central government for a year to their deaths for having parliament in Iran and they succeeded. By visiting this house, you will get to know about this history and its heroes, after our visit to this place, we will continue to Tabriz Jameh mosque. Tabriz Jameh mosque with its forty stone columns is defiantly worth visiting.
Now is the time to step to the biggest covered historical bazaar in the world, Tabriz Bazaar (World Heritage Site). In this bazaar you will get to know about bazaars and how they work and all the elements of the Bazaars and most importantly, you may get to buy Persian Carpet from the World Carpet City, yes, Tabriz is officially accredited with the title ‘World Carpet City’ by the World Crafts Council (WCC).
We will continue our tour to Tabriz City Hall and from there to Blue mosque of Tabriz. There are few famous blue mosques around the world which Tabriz Blue Mosque is truly an exception among all of them with its unique turquoise tile work.
What you will explore today:
• Constitution house of Tabriz
• Tabriz Bazaar (World Heritage Site)
• Temcheh Mozafareh
• Blue mosque
• Tabriz City Hall
• Arg-e Alishah
Overnight: Tabriz

Day 4: Tabriz – Ardabil – Tabriz (500 km return / 5 hours / Road) (B,-,-)

Today we will drive to Ardabil one of the historical cities in Northwest of Iran, we have custom-crafted this tour in a way that you go through one circle road and visit some amazing stops on both ways.
So on our way to Ardabil, we will have a short stop to visit colorful mountains of Ahar and Tabriz along the way; these colorful mountains are similar to the ones that you have visited. Then we will continue our way to ancient city of Shahar Yeri an archeological site with more than 7 thousand years history and a unique temple from Iron Age period.
Once we arrive to Ardabil we will visit Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili Complex recorded as a world heritage site, this complex has so many things to offer and show to its visitors.
On our way back we have chosen different way back, so we will continue our way back to Tabriz through Sarein city near Sabalan Mountain. In this town we will have a relaxing afternoon in one of the best thermal and mineral hot spas and pools in Sarein which brings thousands of tourists here every year.
Return to Tabriz.
What you will explore today:
• Colorful mountains
• Ancient city of Shahar Yeri
• Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili Complex
• Sarein city mineral and thermal spas and pools
Overnight: Tabriz

Day 5: Tabriz – Jolfa – Kandovan (360 km / Duration 5 hours / Road) (B,-,-)

After having your breakfast in your hotel we will hit the road towards Jolfa city to visit St. Stephanus monastery which is located 160 km North of Tabriz. This monastery is one of the two most important monasteries in Iran. On our way we will have a short stop to Khaje Nazar Caravansary and Chupan chapel.
Then we will drive back to go through Tabriz to get to the Kandovan village. Once we arrived there, we will start our exploring by having a little 15 minutes hike to the high hill across to the village to have a panorama view of Kandovan village. Here you can take lots of great shots and enjoy fantastic view of the village.

Then we will walk back to the village and start discovering each neighborhood of it and visit some local houses and make some shopping for a sustainable tourism: it can be dry fruits, nuts or handicrafts. Our last but least experience of a day will be enjoying delicious tea at local house.
What you will explore today:
• St. Stephanus monastery (World Heritage Site)
• Khaje Nazar Carvansary
• Chupan chapel
• Kandovan village
Overnight: Kandovan

Day 6: Kandovan – Urmia Lake – Takht-e Soleyman (350 km / Duration 6hours / Road) (B,-,-)

Getting up early in Kandovan can be rewarding to enjoy quietness of the village, and listen to the birds singing. Today we will head more south towards Takht-e Soleyman Fire Temple(World Heritage Site) and our way we will have off side road trip towards Urmia lake to visit the second salty lake in the world which unfortunately it is drying out due to many reasons.
What you will explore today:
• Kandovan village
• Urmia Lake
• Takht-e Soleyman (World Heritage Site)
Overnight: Nosrat Abad village

Day 7: Takht-e Soleyman – Ali Sadr Cave – Hamadan (250 km / Duration 3 hours / Road) (B,-,-)

Today we will continue our tour towards Hamadan. On our way, we will stop to visit Ali Sadr cave, where you can find one of the most amazing caves in the world and the world largest cave. Evidence from the cave indicates that Ali Sadr Cave has been used as shelter by primitive men.
What you will explore today:
• Ali Sadr Cave
Overnight: Hamadan

Day 8: Hamadan (B,-,-)

Today is at your own leisure. Enjoy walking and visiting Hamadan city. Or join to our optional tour.
Optional tour:
This is a full day tour to Bisotun historical and cultural complex (World Heritage Site) along the Silk Road. Here you will find the world biggest carved inscription by the command of Darius The Great (500 BC). Beside this magnificent historical inscription you will find Statue of Hercules, Farhad Tarash, Bisotun Cave and Sasanid unfinished palace. Then we will continue our way to Kermanshah to visit Taghe- Bostan. In this place you will find some very impressive Sasanid period carving and inscriptions.
Both places are defiantly worth visiting and spending a day.
What you will explore today by taking this optional tour:
• Bisotun Historical and Cultural Complex (World Heritage Site)
o Darius The Great inscription
o Statue of Hercules
o Farhad Tarash
o Bisotun Cave
o Sasanid Unfinished palace

• Taghe- Bostan
Overnight: Hamadan

Day 9: Hamadan – Qazvin - Tehran (390 km / Duration 5 hours / Road & highway) (B,-,-)

Today we will visit Ecbatana, the first capital of Medes. The Medes were an ancient Iranian people who spoke the Median language and who inhabited an area known as Media between western and northern Iran. Then we will hit the road toward Tehran with a short stop in Qazvin.
Qazvin is one of the biggest cities in Iran located on the Silk Road, just 2 hours drive from Tehran. Being on the Silk Road and close to Tehran has made this city one of the economic and business centers in Iran. Today on your arrival to this city our touring will start by visiting Chehel Sotoun Palace. This palace has been built over 400 years ago by Safavi dynasty when Capital of Persia has moved from Tabriz to Qazvin. After words we will continue our city tour by visiting of Qazvin Bazaar and Sa’d al-Saltaneh Caravansary. Qazvin Bazaar is one of the most beautiful and clean Bazaar all around the world. Last but not least, we will visit Aminiha house, this traditional historical mansion is a house for many Iranian art works on its wall, windows, ceiling and so on.
What you will explore today:
• Ecbatana
• Chehel Sotoun Palace
• Historical Bazaar of Qazvin
• Sa’d al-Saltaneh Caravansary
• Aminiha House
Overnight: Tehran

Day 10: Tehran (B,-,-)

Full day in metropolis city of Tehran one of the biggest cities in the world. Today we will visit Archaeology museum, Golestan Palace, National Jewelry Museum, Baghe Melli Portal and Grand Bazaar of Tehran. Visiting Archaeology museum and National Jewelry museum of Tehran will give you an idea about historical, cultural and richness of Iran. And exploring one of the biggest palaces of Iran, Golestan palace is something rewarding in the heart of busy and noisy city of Tehran.
• Free Optional visit: Visit Tabiat Bridge late evening (nature bridge)
What you will explore today:
• Archaeology museum of Tehran
• Golestan Palace (World Heritage Site)
• National Jewelry Museum
• Baghe Melli Portal
• Grand Bazaar of Tehran
Overnight: Tehran

Day 11: Tehran to Kashan (250 km / Duration 3 hours / Highway) (B,-,-)

After breakfast, we will drive to Kashan, the city of stunning historical houses. While in Kashan, we will explore Fin Garden and enjoy the lush gardens and historical pavilions with flowing spring waters and fountains. Then, we will visit the Kashan Historical Bazaar and have a cup of hot tea under a beautiful domed roof of Aminoddole Timcheh.
What you will explore today:
• Fin Garden
• Kashan historical bazaar
Overnight: Kashan

Day 12: Kashan (B,-,-)

Get insight into Iranian traditional houses by visiting Tabatabaei and Borujerdis houses (I call it; Love house because there are five love stories painted on the walls and was built as part of a marriage proposal). Walking out of Borujerdis house and step into Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse to learn about thoughtful and purposeful architecture of the hammam (bathhouse). Be sure to see the unique domes on the rooftop which provide the lighting for the hammam.
Later we will visit the Agha Bozorg Mosque and Madraseh (school), famous for its precise, symmetric architecture and attractive appearance. Truly it is one of the most spectacular mosques in Iran.
• Optional tours: Underground city and off-road tour to Salt Lake
What you will explore today:
• Tabatabaei house
• Borujerdi house
• Sultan Amir Ahmad bathrhouse
• Agha Bozorg mosque and Madraseh
Overnight: Kashan

Day 13: Kashan to Isfahan through Natanz (240 km / Duration 3 hours / Highway) (B,-,-)

After breakfast, we will drive to Isfahan through Nataz to visit its magnificent Jameh mosque with one extraordinary minaret. Then we will continue our way to Isfahan to get inspire by the beauty of its Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Zayandeh Rud (river in Isfahan).
After checking into your hotel, we will take you to Zayandeh Rud, a striking historical bridges surrounded by beautiful green space. Enjoy the cool and lively atmosphere of Pol-e Khaju and Si-o-Se Pol bridges. Take a stroll and get to know the local friendly people.
What you will explore today:
• Natanz Jameh mosque
• Naqsh-e Jahan Sqaure
• Zayandeh Rud (river)
• Pol-e Khaju
• Si-o-Se Pol Bridge
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 14: Isfahan (B,L,-)

Full day city tour in Isfahan, we will start exploring our second day in Isfahan by visiting Chehel Sotoun Palace and its jaw dropping painting of Persian history on its inner walls. The palace is made up of twenty columns but because of the reflection in the water, they call it the forty column palace.
Then we will wonder around the second biggest square in the world, Naqsh-e Jahan Square which is definitely the most beautiful one. This square is surrounded by Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and one by one we will explore them. Then it is time to walk through bazaar of Isfahan for some shopping.
Optional: If you don’t want to shop, visit Assar Khaneh Shahi.
What you will explore today:
• Chehel Sotoun palace (World Heritage Site)
• Naghsh-e Jahan Square (World Heritage Site)
• Imam mosque
• Sheikh Loftollah mosque
• Ali Qapu Palace
• Assar Khaneh Shahi
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 15: Isfahan (B,-,-)

We will visit the oldest mosque of Isfahan by visiting Jameh mosque of Isfahan and enjoy its stunning domes and evans and massive columns. After that we will go to the Armenian district of Isfahan, Jolfa to visit the beautiful Vank church with its Islamic-style dome.
What you will explore today:
• Jameh mosque of Isfhan
• Jolfa district
• Vank Church
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 16: Isfahan to Yazd through Nain and Meybod (330 km / Duration 4 hours / Road) (B,-,D)

After early breakfast, we will leave to Yazd by visiting the historical cities of Nain and Meybod.
We will have a great chance to visit one of the oldest mosques in Iran in Nain with its cool summer underground praying hall. Then after having our lunch, we will continue to Meybod to visit Pigeon house and one of Shah Abbasi Caravansaries and Chaparkhaneh (old style post office) and natural Icehouse that show cases Iranian innovation and architectural skill.
What you will explore today:
• Nain Jameh Mosque
• Chapar Khaneh (Old style post office)
• Icehouse
• Pigeon house
Overnight: Yazd

Day 17: Yazd (B,L,-)

We will spend a full day experiencing the mysterious world of Zoroastrians by visiting the Fire Temple and Towers of Silence. Next, we will visit the astonishing Yazd water museum and learn about the underground water canals, Qanats, and see the marvelous Islamic Amirchakhmagh complex.
During the evening we will have an hour stop in Zorkhaneh (traditional body gym) to look at the real show of exercising with great drum call and spiritual poetry by Morshed.
What you will explore today:
• Fire temple
• Towers of Silence
• Yazd water museum
• Amir Chakhmagh Complex
• Zorkhaneh (traditional body gym)
Overnight: Yazd

Day 18: Yazd (B,-,-)

Let’s start our day by being awed by the towering minarets and fantastic brick and tile artwork of Yazd Jameh mosque.
Then we will be getting lost in historical town of Yazd wondering around and looking at simple but beautiful mud-made houses with wind towers that cool down the houses as a natural air conditioner. Through our walking in the old neighborhood, we will get to know about Ab Anbar (water storages), Alexander’s Prison, and Twelve Imams’ Tomb. For those who are interested in Persian carpets, there is a big carpet shop in the heart of old town that can be one of good options to consider for shopping carpets or rugs.
Free Optional tour:
This evening we have a plan for visiting desert and sunset in one of the beautiful deserts near Yazd
What you will explore today:
• Yazd Jameh mosque
• Ab Anbar(water storage)
• Alexander’s prison
• Old historical town
• Visiting desert
Overnight: Yazd

Day 19: Yazd to Shiraz (450 km / 6 hours / Road) (B,-,-)

Drive to Shiraz through AbarKuh city to the Aghazadeh Mansion with the largest wind tower in the Iran. Aghazadeh Mansion and its huge wind tower is depicted on the obverse of the new Iranian 20000 Rials banknote.
And for our last stop on the road, we will visit Pasargadae and see the Cyrus the Great tomb. Cyrus the Great was the first king of ancient Persia who wrote the first charters of human rights.
After that you’ll go to Shah Cheragh the third important holy Shrine of Shia Muslims, in Iran.
What you will explore today:
• Aghazadeh Mansion
• Cyrus the Great tomb - Pasargadae (World Heritage Site)
• Shah Cheragh holy shrine
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 20: Shiraz (B,-,-)

We will drive out of Shiraz to visit the breath-taking Persepolis (550 BC) with its master pieces of artwork that exemplifies Achaemenid style of architecture. And later on, we will visit the Necropolis, the burial site of the five most notorious Kings of Achaemenid.
Back to Shiraz and visit Shah Cheragh holy shrine a funerary monument and mosque housing the tomb of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad tomb. They are two brothers of Imam Reza, Shia’s Muslim’s 8th Imam which is buried in Mashhad.
Then we will continue our visit to tomb of Hafez, the famous Persian poet.
What you will explore today:
• Persepolis (World Heritage Site)
• Necropolis
• Chah Cheragh
• Hafez tomb
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 21: Shiraz to Tehran (700 km / Duration 1.5 hours / flight) (B,-,-)

To see beautiful colorful dance of sun lights that pass through the colorful windows of Pink mosque, we should have an early start so that we can be at the mosque in 8 am to observe its unique beauty. Then we will continue to Narenjestan-e Ghavam house, one of the most beautiful traditional houses in Shiraz.
We will visit Arg-e Karim Khan castle with the taste of Shirazi Faloudeh (Shiraz is famous for its noodle ice cream). Most of the historical buildings of Shiraz were built during Karim Khan, King of Iran in 18th century.
From there, we will walk to Vakil Bazaar to wonder around and to do your last shopping in Iran in this Iran Dream Tour. Fly to Tehran.
What you will explore today:
• Pink mosque
• Narenjestan-e Ghavam House
• Arg-e Karim Khan
• Vakil Bazaar
Overnight: Tehran

Day 22: Tehran (B,-,-)

Today is your last day in Iran, so enjoy it at your own leisure. This evening or night you will be transfer to airport to catch your flight back home.
Note: Check-out time is 12 noon, after your check out you can leave your suitcases in hotel’s storage room.
Transfer To airport
End of our service

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