Ali-Sadr Cave

Visiting time:
Daily during fall and winter from 8 to 15 and it's active formore hours during spring and summer
About: Ali-Sadr Cave

Ali-Sadr Cave is one of the tourist attractions of Hamadan Province. It is the world's largest cave. According to geologists, the stones of this mountain belong to the second geologic period, i.e. Jurassic Era (136-190 million years ago). Evidence from the cave indicates that Ali-Sadr Cave has been used as shelter by primitive men. Extraordinary natural patterns such as Statue of Liberty and name of Allah have been carved on the limestone walls of the cave.

General Specifications
Ali-Sadr Cave
Geological history
Jurassic period
Physical features of the cave
The enterance of the cave was opened on the Ordibehesht of 1353 (solar calendar) to the width of 5 meters and the height of 3 meters.
Special features
The world's longest water cave
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Similar caves
Moulissoise cave in France and Knight and Bukan caves in Australia
Special Offer
Since it's very crowded on holidays avoid going, or atleast go very early so as not to wait in line for too long.
Access route
Sari Qayah highlands, nearAli-Sadr village of the Kabudarahang county, 75 kilometers northwest of Hamadan city, Hamadan province, Iran
Phone number
081-38255552-4 and 081- 35444444
Ali-Sadr Cave

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