Tabriz Bazaar

The biggest and livest covered Bazaar in the whole world.

Tabriz Bazaar, City center, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Visiting time:
Morning until late evening
Weekly holiday:
The shops are closed on Fridays butyou may take a walk inside the area.
Annual holidays:
Some of the official holidays especially the mourning days of the holy Imams.
Entrance fee(Iranian):
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
About: Tabriz Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar known as Tabriz Covered Bazaar is the biggest covered Bazaar in the world which is located in downtown Tabriz. This Bazaar is the most integrate and beautiful Bazaar as well which still maintains its commercial and social prosperity as its predecessor.
The history of Tabriz Covered Bazaar goes back to millennium years ago. However; unfortunately the devastating earthquake of Tabriz in 1779 made severe damages to it. But later on, it got refurbished and reconstructed with the help and effort of local Bazaari men and Abbas Mirza prince.
Tabriz Covered Bazaar has 20 main Rasteh, 35 Saray, 25 Timcheh, 11 Dalan, 24 Carvansaray, 5500 Hojreh with more than 40 different types of careers, 19 mosques with 1 Jameh mosque, and 9 Madraseh.
In 2010, Tabriz Covered Bazaar was recorded as a World Heritage Site.

This Bazar is one of top must seen places in Iran that you should not miss visiting it at all.

General Specifications
Covered Bazaar of Tabriz
1000 years of history
Qajar dynasty
Various dynasties
Special features
It is the largest roofed and covered Bazaar in the world.
UNESCO World Heritage
Important parts to visit
Timcheh Mozaffariyeh, Timcheh Amir and Amir Caravanserai, Gurjiler (Georgians), Haj Safar Ali, Mirza Shafi, Haj Rahim Sheikh Kazim, different rastas.
Best time to visit
11:30 to 13:00
Duration of visit
2 hours to half a day
Similar relics and places
Bazaar of Isfahan, bazaar of Kashan, Vakil bazaar of Shiraz
Nearest tourist attractions
Jameh mosque of Tabriz, Constitution museum
Special Offer
Timcheh Mozaffariyeh is only open between the hours 10 to 14
Access route
Tabriz Bazaar, City center, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
How to access
Taxi, bus, on foot
Access to vehicles
Access for the disabled with wheelchair
Network coverage
Advantage & Disadvantage of Tabriz Bazaar
Advantage of Tabriz Bazaar

The most beautiful and most integrated Bazaar in the world
There are multiple jobs and guilds in this Bazaar
Commercial prosperity of this Bazaar and reasonable prices
The total traditionality of this Bazaar

Disadvantage of Tabriz Bazaar

Lack of specific signs and guide markers for the paths

Tabriz Bazaar
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