Kandovan Village

Rocky village of Kandovan

Lush slope of Sultan Daghi, 18 kilometers south of Osku, Osku county, East Azerbaijan, iran
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About: Kandovan Village

Kandovan village is an up-country area of Sahand Mountains that its natural and specific architecture has made it globally popular. Historical village of Kandovan is one of the three rocky villages in the world.
Antiquity of this tourist village gets backs to 6000 years ago. Researches of archeology has estimated its age up to 7000 years old. 
What gives Kandovan an antique nature is presence of 117 families and houses inside rocky cone and pyramid-shaped masses in which villagers has made houses, corral, warehouse and workshops. Appellation of Kandovan is due to hive-shaped houses which have been embodied inside conical rocks. The properties of these houses are that the weather inside is warm in winter and cold in summer. About traditional architecture of Kandovan, some researchers and geographers believe that kandovan has no similar in Ian, and its architecture is rocky architecture. And they define that rocky architecture is much more important than common architecture from renovation aspect.

Existence of tasty mineral water, unique rocky and conic houses, green valley, desirable mountainous weather, pleasant dairies and natural honey have made this village under attention of followers, together with sedative environment and evening silence and a graceful breeze.


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General Specifications
Kandovan Village
It's known as Kandovan because the rocky houses in this village look like hives. (Also Kand means village in Turkish)
More than 6000 years
Special features
Rock houses
Important parts to visit
Small and narrow alleys of Kandovan, in front of the Kandovan village is perfect for taking pictures of it, water spring of Kandovan village.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
2 hours up to one day
Necessary equipment
Tourism equipment such as picnic equipment and etc
Similar relics and places
Rock villages of Cappadocia in Turkey and Dakota in America.
Nearest tourist attractions
Hilevar village 2 kilometers from Kandovan-Osku road
Special Offer
Also try the mineral water of this area. You could also visit the conic house of Mr. Ali Nazari to have tea and omelette.
Perfect activity for a rainy day?
Access route
Lush slope of Sultan Daghi, 18 kilometers south of Osku, Osku county, East Azerbaijan, iran
How to access
personal vehicle, taxi, minibus in specified hours.
Access to public transportation
Access for the disabled with wheelchair
More details
Advantage & Disadvantage of Kandovan Village
Advantage of Kandovan Village
  • The uniqueness of this village in Iran
  • There are still many people living inside the rock houses of the village
  • There are rock houses and rock hotel available to accommodate and cater for overnight stays
  • Cool and mild mountain weather in summer
Disadvantage of Kandovan Village
  • Construction of modern houses at the edge of the village
  • Polluting the Kandovan river by plastic garbage
  • Some parts of the village has been touristified
Kandovan Village
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