Khanate Caravanserai, Tehran

Amin os Sultan, square, Saheb Jam street, Molavai intersection, Tehran, Iran
About: Khanate Caravanserai, Tehran

Khanat caravanserai has been the largest in-town caravanserai of Tehran. 
It was built in the last years of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar’s reign. Brickwork architecture style has been used in its construction. It contains two parts: the yard and the entrance hall. 
Khanat Caravanserai is the biggest monument within the central part and historical part of Tehran that does not have any specified limits . 
Because of the conflagration in 1978, the caravanserai became unusable. Yet, it was reopened in 2010 in order to hold New Year celebrations. 
This caravanserai has been registered in Iran’s World Heritage and is being used as dried fruit bourse.

General Specifications
Khanate Caravanserai
This place has a lot of chambers. Khan means chamber and khanate means chambers. (if you disregard the other meanings of Khan and Khanate ofcourse)
Late Naser al-Din Shah Qajar period
Special features
Has been the largest caravanserai inside Tehran city.
Best time to visit
Before noon for taking advantage of the restaurant of this caravanserai.
Nearest tourist attractions
Thaddeus and Bartholomew church (oldest church in Tehran), Amin os Sultan bazaar
Special Offer
The caravanserai itself is quite safe but islocated at an unsafe part of Tehran. Be careful of your belongings and if you're going by your personal car, do park in the parking lot of this place.
Access route
Amin os Sultan, square, Saheb Jam street, Molavai intersection, Tehran, Iran
Khanate Caravanserai, Tehran
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