Minoo Hotel Mashhad

Between Imam Reza 16 and 18, Imam street, Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran
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About: Minoo Hotel Mashhad

هتل مینو مشهد با مزیت قرار گرفتن در نزدیکی حرم مطهر ثامن الحجج (ع) و دسترسی سریع و آسان به مرکز شهر، بازار رضا و فرودگاه افتتاح گردیده است. هتل مينو مشتمل بر 90 واحد اقامتی به تفکيک 6 واحد آپارتمان دوخوابه، 12 واحد آپارتمان يکخوابه، 66 واحد اتاق سه نفره و 6 واحد اتاق 4 نفره) می باشد. این هتل دارای سه رستوران مروارید، مرجان و صدف بوده و یک کافی‌شاپ با انواع نوشیدنی‌های سرد و گرم که به صورت شبانه روزی در خدمت مهمانان می باشند. همچنین دارای اینترنت پرسرعت وایرلس در تمامی قسمت‌ ها میباشد.

General Specifications
Minoo Hotel Mashhad
Star rating
4 star
How to access
Subway, taxi, bus
Distance from the airport
16 minutes by car
Distance from the city center
City center
Distance from the holy shrine
10 to 15 minutes of walking
Facilities of the hotel
Access for the disabled with wheelchair
Number of rooms
51 to 100
Coffee Shop
Conference Room
Swimming pool
Taxi service
Prayer room
Sauna Jacuzzi
More facilities
Photocopier, fax, printer, Luggage room
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Room service
Internet in room
Satellite television
Safe box
More facilities
Personal hygiene supplies
Reception and Reservation
Familiar languages
Working hours
Room delivery at 14:00 and room evacuation at 12:00
More details
According to the tariff of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism department, those under 2 years of age are exempt from paying any fee, young people between 2 to 6 years are considered children and the price for an additional person aged between 2 and 6 is half, whereas it is full price for an additional person over the age of 6.
Advantage & Disadvantage of Minoo Hotel Mashhad
Advantage of Minoo Hotel Mashhad
  • Computer lock system.
  • Power switch
  • Full board
  • Ticket procurement services
  • Housekeeping services
Minoo Hotel Mashhad
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