Lighvan Valley

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By hearing the name of Lighvan, we remember Lighvan cheese. But it is better not to forget that besides cheese, Lighvan has other nice attractions which are worthy to visit. Lighvan is a bungalow and mountainous village located in southeast of Tabriz and in hillside of Sahand Mountain. In east part of this village, there is a pretty valley from which Lighvan River passes and fulfil the neighbor villages. One of the surprises of this area is that there is hot water in both sides of river, while among them a very cold and tasty Lighvan River passes. 

General Specifications
Lighvan valley (Liqvan valley)
Geographical features
It's at the slope of Sahand mountain.
Plant features
Medicinal plants with many properties, such as pennyroyal, chamomile, mushroom and etc
Special features
Of all the valleys in East Azerbaijan, Liqvan valley is the only one capable of providing services and catering the travelers.
Important parts to visit
Lush valleys around and the ancient graveyard of Liqvan.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary equipment
Picnic equipment
Access route
Slope of Sahand mountain, 24 kilometers south of Basmenj, 36 kilometers east of Tabriz, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province, Iran
Residence at the beginning
Buffet at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
Lighvan Valley
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