Ala daghlar of Tabriz (Colorful mountains)

Alvan mountains of East Azerbaijan

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About: Ala daghlar of Tabriz (Colorful mountains)

Colorful mountains of gray concrete cities have absorbed humans so much that creation of earth was such colorless and sophisticated. When work is done by great painter, there are infinite color spectrums. In not so far distance, God panels can be seen by soul and heart. 
One of the plans of this great artist is Ala Daghlar that touring it and constant photography can refresh human. 
Ala Daghlar or colored mountains are in distance of 25 kilometers from northeast of Tabriz and on the way of Khajeh County and Mianeh-Zanjan highway. 
Ala-Daghlar is the local name of mountains and colored valleys which were located in parts of Azerbaijan and Zanjan. 
Colored mountains or Ala-Daghlar is one of the pretty views on earth. 
Near these mountains, there are some villages that have been located among colorful mountains. The soil used in thatch which are for building house is red. 

General Specifications
Colorful Mountains , the Artworks of the Allmighty Creator
These mountains are called Aladaghs in Azerbaijani Turkish language.
Special features
Colorful mountains
Important parts to visit
Colorful mountains
Best time to visit
Any time of the year
Access route
On the Tabriz-Ahar route and Mianeh-Zanjan super-freeway, 25 kilometers northeast of Tabriz, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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Shelters on the path
Ala daghlar of Tabriz (Colorful mountains)
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