Anguran Protected Area

About: Anguran Protected Area

This protected area, which looks like a rhinoceros, is a mountainous hilly area in mahneshan County. There are three climatology stations including synoptic and pluviometric stations in the area. 
Angoran Protected Area has been under protection since 1970.

General Specifications
Anguran Protected Area
Animal features
This region is a suitable habitat for Armenian mouflon and Bezoar ibex; other animal species: brown bear, common fox, caracal, beech marten, Caspian snowcock, Grey Partridge
Plant features
Fritillaries, mugworts, Rhizome, milkvetch, Prickly thrift, tulip, poppy, ferula, savory, globe thistles, naked lady, alongside trees and shrubs such as tupertine, almond, Pistacia khinjuk and Cotoneaster.
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Bilkis mountain
Access route
Mahneshan, Zanjan province, Iran
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Anguran Protected Area

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