Fire temple of Yazd

Atash-e Behram fire temple in Yazd

Atash Kadeh alley, Ayatollah Kashani street, Yazd, Iran
Visiting time:
7:30 to 21:30
Weekly holiday:
Annual holidays:
9th and 10th of Moharram (these are dates on the lunar calender)
Entrance fee(Iranian):
30000 Rials
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
150000 Rials
About: Fire temple of Yazd

Zoroastrian fire temple is located in the center of Yazd Province, where Atash Bahram is maintained. Atash Bahram is a fire that comes from Karyan Fire Temple in Fars Province, which is one of the three largest fire temples in Sassanid dynasty. Its fire, which has been burning for years, is currently maintained in Yazd Fire temple.
This fire temple belongs to Zoroastrians who offered their prayers there for years. It was constructed in 1934 by a Persian person residing in India.
The fire of this temple has been continuously burning since before Islam.
This monument was registered in Iran’s National Heritage on September 13, 1999 under the registration number of 2431.

General Specifications
Zoroastrians Atash Kadeh of Yazd
1934 (1313 in solar calenar)
Constructed by the money of a Persian Zoroastrian, called Hamabayi.
Special features
The fire of the temple is lit from the Sassanid era, it has been kept in this fire temple and is known as Behram fire.
Duration of visit
One hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Cultural museum of Zoroastrians, Shish Badgiri Ab Anbar of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Grand Jame Mosque of Yazd, Yazd Water Museum (Qasr-e-Ayeneh), Alexander's Prison (9 minutes by car)
Special Offer
Also visit the cultural Zoroastrian museum near this fire temple.
Perfect activity for a rainy day?
Access route
Atash Kadeh alley, Ayatollah Kashani street, Yazd, Iran
Access to vehicles
Fire temple of Yazd
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