Pahlavanpur Garden

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Town of Shahid Zarein, Mezivarabad neighborhood , Mehriz city, Yazd province, Iran
About: Pahlavanpur Garden

The historical Pahlavanpur Garden is located in Mazvir Abad Neighborhood in Martyr Zarein town and is registered in the list of national monuments by Culture and Tourist Organization with registration number 6334. The building was built in the late Qajar period.
The two gardens of Dowlat Abad and Pahlavanpur along with 7 other Iranian gardens were agreed to be registered in the list of world heritage in the thirty fifth meeting of World Heritage Committee.
Pahlavanpur Garden in Mahriz is related to Qajar period and is located in Mazvir Abad Neighborhood and is rare in its kind in the whole area and belonged to one of the businessmen in Yazd called Ali Pahlavanpur.
Zemestan Khaneh Mansion is in the western side, Sharbat Khaneh Mansion (Kushak) in the central part, service parts (stalls, storehouses, janitor house, etc.) and spinning workshop and carpet weaving is in the southern side. The most invaluable section of the garden is Kushak Mansion or Sharbat Khaneh in three floors with an area of 1500 square meters. Kushak Summerhouse is highly decorated and is considered the most precious part of Sharbat Khaneh Building. This mansion is located on the main axis of the garden according to the regulations of Iranian gardens.
The stunning and precious Dowlat Abad Garden and Pahlavanpur Garden were registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments with numbers 774 and 6334 on 46/12/22 and 81/7/7, respectively. The first world monument registration of Yazd Province took place by the registration of these two gardens.

General Specifications
Pahlavanpur Garden
Qajar era
This garden belonged to a guy named "Hasan Molla Reza" after which it was inherited by his son-in-law "Ali Pahlavan".
Special features
The qanat's water passes through the garden
UNESCO World Heritage
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Gharbalriz spring and watefall
Access route
Town of Shahid Zarein, Mezivarabad neighborhood , Mehriz city, Yazd province, Iran
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Pahlavanpur Garden

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