Shegeft Yazdan Cave

Of the sacred caves of Zoroastrians

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Ashkaft Yazdan Cave was the place for keeping the fire that was transported from Nahid Fire temple to Haftad Village near Aqda. Then it was transferred to Turkabad in Ardakan and after 30 years of protection in Ashkaft Yazdan Cave, it was finally brought to Yazd in 1325 solar year and is now lit in Bahram Fire temple in Yazd City.
This ancient cave is near Aqda and is one of the holy caves of Zoroastrians. The entrance of the cave is very difficult to pass. However, there is a vast area inside the cave that can contain thousands of people. Several small and big pools and building structures can be seen inside it. Lots of ashes can be seen in the cave which show that the holy fire used to be protected in these caves for years.

General Specifications
Shegeft Cave of Yazdan
In the local dielect, Shegeft means chasm or cave.
Physical features of the cave
The enterance path of the cave is a very difficult one but the interior has a vast space capable of holding thousandsof people, Its main diameter fromthe enterance to the end reduces from 60 meters to 45 meters.
Special features
This is a cave that has kept one of the three saced fires of Iran, lit.
Necessary equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
Khajeh Nemat tower
Access route
On a high mountain called Eshkeft, in the vicinity of Hafthar village, Ardakan county, 45 kilometers from Aqda, Yazd province, Iran
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Shegeft Yazdan Cave

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