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Band of Urmia

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West Azerbaijan Province has so many places for recreation that people can stay in one of them in each city, get rid of the cities' pollution for a while and enjoy the nature. 
A majority of tourist attractions marked on tourist maps of West Azerbaijan Province belong to places for recreation and natural attractions. 
Places like Band, Marmisho, and Shohada Valley in Urmia, the lake behind Mahabad dam, Marakan Khoy Plain and so on are the most important places for recreation that host the travelers every Nowruz (New Year) and summer holiday. 
Band Village, in central part of Urmia County, is considered as an important tourist area in Iran due to a great number of attractions it has. This beautiful mountainous region also has some gardens and a river dam.

General Specifications
Three thousand years
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Customs and traditions
Wedding ceremony with Ashiq music instruments, Nowrus festivities, Chaharshanbe Suri and Yalda
Local products and souvenirs
Wheat, barley, berry and grape and etc
This village is known as the promenade of Urmia
Important parts to visit
Band promenade
Best time to visit
Ordibehesht (late April and early May)
Duration of visit
One hour to one day
Access route
The river route of Urmia-Razhan road, along the Shahid Beheshti street (faculty), 3 kilometers southwest of Urmia, Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Band Village
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