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Lake Urmia, previously known as Lake Rezaiyeh, is located in the northwest of Azerbaijan District. According to the latest country subdivisions, Lake Urmia lies between East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan Provinces. 
After Anzali Lagoon, The National Park of Lake Urmia is one of the most interesting natural habitats in Iran. This ecosystem has been registered internationally by UNESCO as a protected area. Iranian Department of Environment has identified most parts of this lake as national park. 
Lake Urmia is the biggest inland lake in Iran and the second salt lake in the world. It is the largest water of Western Asia which is located in the northwest of Iranian Plateau. 
The lake water is too salty, and it is mostly fed by Zarrinehrud, Siminehrud, Aji Chay, Gadar, Shahar Chay, Nazlou, and Zola rivers.

General Specifications
Lake Urmia
Named after the Urmia city, the center of West Azerbaijan province.
Its elevation from the sea level is 1274 meters and its average depth is estimated to be between 5 to 6 meters.
Animal features
Due to having more than a hundred small cliff islands, this lake is the staying location of the migratory birds such as flamingo, pelican, spoonbill, ibis, stork, shelduck, avocet, stilt, and gulls. It's one of the major habitats of the crustacean Artemia .
Protected area
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
National park and cliff islands
Access route
Between the two West and East Azerbaijan provinces, northwest of Iran
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Lake Urmia
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