Kaboodan Island, Urmia

Biggest island of lake Urmia

About: Kaboodan Island, Urmia

Kabudan Island is one of the islands of Urmia Lake which was declared a protected area by the Department of Environment in 1967. This island and other islands of Urmia Lake, except Islamic Island, are currently National Parks. 
A variety of mammals such as rats, rams, Ewes, and jaguars live In Kabudan 32-hectare Park. The island has steppe vegetation and some parts of it are covered with turpentine, and mountain almond forests as well as plants like wild tomatoes, wild oats, junipers, and horsetails. Kabudan Island is also the habitat for a various birds including flamingos, pelicans, common shelducks, coots, and gulls. 
Kabudan is the only island in Urmia Lake that has fresswater all year round.

General Specifications
Kaboodan Island, Urmia
Geographical features
This island and the other islands of lake Urmia, except Islami island, have all been turned into national parks.
Animal features
Variety of mammals such as rats, ram, ewe and leopard and different types of birds.
Plant features
The island has steppe vegetation and some parts of the island is covered by tupertine trees, wild almond and plants such as spiny plum, Hordeum, mountain juniper, common horsetail.
Special features
This place has been listed by UNESCO as one of the 59 regions containing rare plant and animal species.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Estimated required time for the visit
One day
Nearest tourist attractions
One kilometr away to the north, is the Arezo island, and Eshshek island is 7 kilometers southwest of the island.
Access route
Lake Urmia national park area, Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Residence at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
Kaboodan Island, Urmia
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