Eshshek Island, Urmia

About: Eshshek Island, Urmia

Ashk Island is located in N372545 E453200 geographical position. It lies in the southern part of Kabudan, 40 kilometers from Golmankhaneh port, and has an area of 2115 hectares. This island has a freshwater spring and is considered as one of the most interesting habitats for native and migratory birds including flamingo and common shelduck. Ashk Island is like Kabudan Island in terms of vegetation. Also, Persian Fallow Deer, which is one of the rarest deer in the world, lives on the island. This island is located in National Park of Urmia Lake and one cannot enter it without access license from the Department of Environment.

General Specifications
Eshshek Island
Geographical features
Eshshek island has a nice climate and the ability to sustain recovering species.
Animal features
Persian fallow deer, one of the rarest deers in the world, lives on this island.
Plant features
A total of 198 plant species from 149 types belonging to 49 families have been gathered and identified on this island.
Special features
Located in the area of the national park and is of the protected areas.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Estimated required time for the visit
One day
Nearest tourist attractions
Kaboodan island
Access route
40 kilometers from Bandar Golmankhaneh, southern part of Kaboodan, Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Residence at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
Eshshek Island, Urmia
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