About: Marmisho

Marmisho is a water, mountain, and forest habitat located in the farthest northwest of the country near Iran and Turkey border. There is a beautiful blue lake in the middle of Zagros Mountains covered with forest trees and water coming from melted snow in this region. 
Mrmisho is the habitat for aquatic creatures such as trout and a variety of migrating birds. There are various flora and fauna in forest-like Marmisho area. 
Also, Marmisho waterfall exists near the lake along the Nazlou Chay River. It is a seasonal waterfall and flows into the Nazlou Chay River through the rocks of the mountains around it in wet seasons.

General Specifications
Animal features
Bear, fox, wolf, rabbit
Plant features
Willow trees, walnut, oak, tupertine, jujube, pear, hawthorn, almond, tamarisk, cottonwood and alhagi, nettles, iris, mountain tulip, liquorice and etc
Other features
Marmishou lake is one of the natural attractions of this area.
Important parts to visit
Lake, waterfall, forest environmenet
Best time to visit
Any time, especially spring till early fall
Estimated duration for the visit
One day
Necessary tools and equipment
Fishing hooks and other required tools for a day trip to the forest.
Special Offer
Swimming in Marmishoul lake is almost equal to death; the water pulls the swimmer to the bottom of the lake.
Access route
Marmisho village, the border of Iran and Turkey, 45 kilometers from Urmia, Urmia county, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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