Segonbad Tower, Urmia

Ustad Barzgar street, Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran
About: Segonbad Tower, Urmia

Segonbad is the name of a tower in the south east of Urmia, the center of West Azerbaijan. This is a tomb that was built in 580 hijri year.

Three inscriptions are remaining in Kufic language on the entrance. This historical monument was built in cylindrical and circular form. The tower is 5 meters in diameter and 13 meters high. The current building has two floors and there are gates at its four sides.

The circular cylindrical building has a crypt whose upper side is changed into a tomb by bricks. The decorations on the entrance portal of the shrine are rare in their kind and are decorated in the form of stone and stucco pieces in geometrical shapes and in Kufic language.

The building was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 15th of Azar 1314 with registration number 242.

General Specifications
Segonbad Tower
1184 (Seljuk dynasty)
This building was built under the orders of a Seljuk ruler named Seth Qate al-Muzaffari.
Similar relics and places
The historical domes of Maraghe and other Seljuk era mausoleums.
Access route
Ustad Barzgar street, Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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Segonbad Tower, Urmia
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