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The opening of several dried limestone springs can be seen 28 kilometers from the north of Takab in Berenjeh (Berenjak) Village in the outskirts of a mountain known as Tavil-e Soleiman. The most famous one of them is Prison of Berenjeh or “Berenjeh Sea”. The opening of this great spring is oval and its depth is about 70 meters. A spring replete with cold water and carbonic gas exists at the bottom of this enormous natural structure. Access to water is impossible due to the great depth of water level from the opening. Passing the rocks in the south east, spring water flows into a nearby river in Berenjeh Village.
This spring has tall and steeped walls. It is impossible to go down the tall walls without rope and other necessary equipment. Even experts assume that waters with carbonic gas at the bottom of the spring might have corroded the walls and might have added to its diameter.
It is said that local khans would tied stones to their opponents and villagers and would throw them into this deep spring to punish them. That is why this spring has been called with this name.

General Specifications
Berenjeh Prison
70 meters
Necessary tools and equipment
Rock climbing equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
Qeynarje waterfall, Ogul Beyk glacier and mosqueTakht-e Soleyman, Chamli wetland.
Access route
Berenjeh village, Takab-Hampa road, 28 kilometers northeast of Takab city, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
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Berenjeh Prison

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