Kani Gravan Spring

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Kani Grawan Spring is located 12 kilometers northeast of Sardasht County in West Azerbaijan province, and it is considered as a tourist attraction in Sardasht. This spring lies beside a village named "Kani Gaviz" in the southeast of Zab Basin, from which boiling watr comes out. 
Kani Grawan is a mineral spring. It is estimated that in each liter of the spring water, there is at least one gram of dissolved salt.

General Specifications
Kani Gravan Spring
Kani means spring and Gravan means heavy water.
Heavy water and not drinkable
Plant features
An elegant mass of oak forests
Other features
The water of this spring is minar and carbonated and is used in skin treatment.
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Shalmash Falls
Access route
Kani Gravan exit, 12 kilometers northeast of Sardasht (the road from Sardasht to Mahabad), Sardasht, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Unavailable, but you may be able to rent a house from the nearby villages.
Kani Gravan Spring

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