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Dalamper Mountain lies in West Azerbaijan Province, on the border of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq, 45 kilometers southwest of Urmia and 35 kilometers from Oshnavieh. 
Margavar District, also known as Iran's Alps, is a range of snow-covered hills and mountains up to 3500 meters high. Valleys, rushing rivers and waterfalls, lakes, and various wetlands of this district provide the travelers with a peaceful place. 
This mountain lies on the border of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq, on top of which all three countries are visible. 
It is noteworthy that Boralan wetlands located on the border of Iran and Turkey, and Dalamper Daqi , known as Iran's Alps, in the northwest of Iran have been declared "Peace and Friendship Parks".

General Specifications
Dalanpar Tourist Area
The height of Dalanpar mountain is about 3500 meters.
Geographical features
On top of this mountain the soils of the three Iran, Iraq and Turkey countries can be seen.
Animal features
Brown bear, wolf, fox, jackal, mountain goat, birds such as eagle, owl and hawk.
Plant features
Has 620 plant species, 4 of which is said to be yet without any identification and not recorded in any book about them; which shows the pristineness of this region.
Important parts to visit
Nature, waterfall in the area, lake
Best time to visit
Access route
35 kilometers from Oshnaviyeh, 45 kilometers southwest of Urmia, the border pointof Iran, Turkey and Iraq, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Residence at the beginning of ascension
Dalanpar Tourist Area

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