Ancient Teppe Hasanlu

Near Hasanlu rural district, 7 kileters northeast of Naqadeh, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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Ancient Tappeh Hassanlu lies in Naqadeh County green region in the southwest of Urmia Lake, West Azerbaijan Province. It is located 7 kilometers northeast of Hassanlu Rural District and that is why it is called Hassanlu Hill. 
This ancient area dates back to 6 thousand years BC. The most well-known ancient monument found in this area is Hassanlu Gold Cup which belongs to the Iron Age and is kept in Ancient Iran Museum. This cup is one of the most important scientific discoveries in the history of Iran's archeology, and is considered as the rarest artistic, religious and historical monuments of archeology. 
A variety of weapons like swords, daggers, spears, and bronze and iron bayonets as well as pottery and different bone, stone, clay, glass and metal objects have been discovered in Tappeh Hassanlu. Each of these discoveries have historical, archeological, and artistic values, and they are kept in museums of ancient Iran, Azerbaijan, America, France and other counties.

General Specifications
Ancient Teppe Hasanlu
More than 6 thousand years BC
Special features
Famous cup of Hasanlu has been recovered from this location, which is now being kept in the national museum of Iran.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One hour
Similar relics and places
The relics of the fourth period are comparable with the relics from Ziviyeh of Kordestan and Kaluraz and Marlik of Gilan and all the regions of Lorestan.
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Access route
Near Hasanlu rural district, 7 kileters northeast of Naqadeh, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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Ancient Teppe Hasanlu

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