Bam Farhad, Maku

Stone dakhme of Farhad

Near Sangar village, 7 Kilometers west of Maku, West Azerbaijan, Iran
About: Bam Farhad, Maku

Recently, the signs of a historical city dating back to the 1st millennium BC have been discovered in Maku County. It belongs to Urartian kingdom located in a place known as "Baam-e farhad" in the heights adjoining "Sangar" village 7 kilometers north of Maku County. Down this Urartian city, there is a rocky tomb which is called Dakhme Sangi (Rocky Tomb/Dakhma) of the area. 
This Dakhma that has been carved in the heart of the mountain inside a large rock consists of some rooms and is attached to the mountain through a stone staircase. Stone walls of Farhad dakhma are amazingly smooth; carving such smooth walls in the middle of hard rocks of the mountain seems really difficult even in the present time. Inside the dakhma is pitch dark and there is no source of light. 
This monument has been registered in Iran's National Heritage on March 21, 1968 with the registration number of 803.

General Specifications
Bam Farhad
Near the Farhad village
Urartu period
Architectural style
Special features
Stone catacomb and city of Urartu period
Important parts to visit
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One hour to one day
Similar relics and places
This catacomb in terms of shape and dimension is similar to the rock tombs of "Van" in Turkey.
Special Offer
During summer, the enterance of Farhad dakhme tends to be covered with leaves and might prove too difficult to find without a guide.
Access route
Near Sangar village, 7 Kilometers west of Maku, West Azerbaijan, Iran
Bam Farhad, Maku
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