Khoy Bazaar

Taleghani street, Khoy, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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Khoy Bazaar is a great bazaar from Safavid era which was the commercial center of that era in Azerbaijan. It was located in the eastern side of Khoy City. It is still popular after more than 300 years and it is also considered as one of the most elegant and geometric bazaars in the country. This bazaar is registered in the list of national monuments.
Khoy Bazaar is located downtown and according to the scripts kept in Khoy treasuries, it has been built at the time of Shah Tahmasb and manipulations have been applied on it at the time of Abbas Mirza, the regent. Some considerable sections of the complex are that each row has been specific to a special profession under the same profession title such as Coppersmiths Bazaar, Borekci Bazaar, Goldsmiths Bazaar, Haberdasheries Bazaar, Carpet Merchants Bazaar, etc. or benefactors’ name who had a role in the properity of the bazaar like, Amir, Javad, Haji Baba, etc. They still maintain their old names.
The bazaar is rectangular that has undergone some manipulations over the last decades for modernization and expansion of Khoy County. The remains of the bazaar are from the Safavid era onwards; especially most of its parts were built by Donboli Ahmad Khan to the order to Qajar Abbas Mirza and at the early days of Qajarid period. This old bazaar with numerous inns and Chaharsoghs reminisce of economically prosperous days of the bazaar when the Silk Road (Ipek Yoli) would pass the city.
The five fascinating inns in the heart of this roofed bazaar have added to its popularity. Khan Inn, Keshmesh Chilar, Balusi, Chitsaz and Haj Mir Hashem Inn and magnificent and histical mosques of Molahasan, Haj Baba and Hojjatieh and the fascinating and unique bathroom of Mohammad Beig as well as the stone gates with exquisite architecture in the south part of this old bazaar have made this monuments more visitable than ever for histical building lovers.

General Specifications
Bazaar of Khoy
Safavid era
Was built during the time of Shah Tahmasp I
Nearest tourist attractions
Stone gate of Khoy, Kabiri house, Matlab Khan mosque, El Hamami
Access route
Taleghani street, Khoy, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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Khoy Bazaar
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