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Sootav Wildlife Refuge at N3633 E4611 geographical location is located in west Azerbaijan Province. Sootav Plain in Bukan is the most important shelter for the great bustard in Iran at the moment. This place is turned into the most important shelter for the rare bird, “great bustard” throughout the country for its desirable and unique conditions. Sootav Plain which is a 400 hectare foothills area in Hammamian Village in Bukan County annually hosts 20 to 25 birds of this rare kind. This area has been announced by the Department of Environmental Protection in West Azerbaijan as the shelter of great bustard in west Azerbaijan. The habitats of this bird are “Azad”, “Bajvand” and “Kani Sib” zones in west Azerbaijan and “Sootav Plain”, “Hammamian” and “Yengejeh” zones in Mahabad in Bukan.

Great buster is a rare bird in the world which is at the moment in the red List of International Union for Conservation of population and natural resources.

General Specifications
Sutaw Wildlife Shelter
Great bustard is called "Chah Reg" in the local tongue.
Animal features
Great bustard
Special features
This region is the main habitat of the rare Great bustard in Iran.
Nearest tourist attractions
Jame mosqueof Bukan, ancient Qalaychi site
Access route
Hammamian village, Bukan, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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Sootav Wildlife Refuge

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