Sangan Waterfall

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Sangan Village is a mountainous and very beautiful village on Kan Road, in the north west of Tehran and a bit upper than Sulqan and has a beautiful waterfall and shrine. Sangan is one of the valleys of the region filled with water.
Few waterfalls can be found in spring to be filled with as much water as that in “Sangan” and to make ice walls for ice climbers even when they are frozen in the winter. With the arrival of spring, this 50-meter-high waterfall of Tehran wakes up from the hibernation; the waterfall that flows as a result of glaciers such as “Cheshme Shahi” and “Pahneh Hesar” being melted is one of the cold and full of water waterfalls of Damavand.


General Specifications
Sangan Waterfall
50 meters
Plant features
Walnut, peach, cherry, sour cherry and apricot are of the most mportant products of Sangan.
Best time to visit
Spring or any other season, even winter
Duration of visit
One day
Necessary tools and equipment
Mountaineering equipment
Access route
Sangan village, near Sulqan, Kan road northwest of Tehran, Tehran province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Sangan Waterfall
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