Glassware and Ceramic Museum

No. 55, 30Tir St, Jomhuri street, Tehran, Iran
Visiting time:
9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon (It is closed because of repairing right now.)
Weekly holiday:
Annual holidays:
Days of mourning
Entrance fee(Iranian):
30000 Rials
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
150000 Rials
About: Glassware and Ceramic Museum

Glassware Museum is one of the museums in Tehran. The building is a historical house from Qajar period and is located in Thirty Tir Street in Tehran. This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 7th of Ordibehesht 1377 with registration number 2014.
The building that is used today as the museum was built 80 years ago to the order of Ahmad Qavam (Qaavam al-Saltaneh) - minister of Ahmad Shah Qajar - and for his private use. The interior design of the building and the windows of the museum were made in 1977 by Hans Holien, the Austrian architect. Glassware Museum is the special museum for glass and clay. Qavam al-Saltaneh House or, in fact, Glassware Museum was built in two floors and 5 halls. Glasses and clays related to the pre-Islamic period are in the two halls of the first floor and works of Islamic period are put on show in the three halls of the second floor.
Glassware Museum is one of the most visited museums in Iran due to its building and architecture style, lighting of the interior halls and the objects in them.

General Specifications
Glassware and Ceramic Museum
Year of Establishment
1977 (1355 in solar calendar)
Nearest tourist attractions
National Jewelry Museum of Iran, Museum of Ancient Iran, National Art Museum of Iran, Saba Home Museum, Post and Telegraph Museum, Park-e Shahr
Access route
No. 55, 30Tir St, Jomhuri street, Tehran, Iran
Phone number
66708153 -021
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Glassware and Ceramic Museum
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