Morteza Ali Hot Spring

A river with cold and warm water

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You should pass Tabas City and 5 more kilometers on foot –most of which passes through water- to reach Morteza Ali Fountain! There are high valley-shaped walls on both sides, on which there are small and big cavities in a specific order. Some of these cavities are hot springs of water, the greatest of which is known as Morteza Ali Bath. A bath for the travelers to use for a few minutes! The first spring called Ghanbar flows from the east to west (following the slope of the valley) and it is cold. Having passed 6 kilometers, Morteza Ali Fountain appears. The cause of hot water is fracture and pressure in the faults. When the water from Morteza Ali and Ghanbari springs are collected, the obtained water ends in Jafari Spring after 300 meters.
There is a river called Sardar in this strait that receives hot and cold water from small and big springs. The hot water from Morteza Ali Spring flows into this river and hot and cold water flows are formed which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region.
Walking in this strait will be special when you put one foot in the hot water river and the other foot in the cold water river; a different and awesome experience in the heart of a desert in Iran.
Morteza Ali Spring in Tabas was registered in the Registration and Natural Heritage Committee meeting on 29th of Mordad 1393 with registration number 196 in the list of natural heritage.

General Specifications
Morteza Ali Hot Spring
Other features
The difference in temperature can totally be felt on the both sides of the river on the route of Morteza Ali hot spring.
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
Atleast one day
Necessary tools and equipment
Extra clothing
Nearest tourist attractions
Abbasi vault
Access route
North east of Tabas city and its distance from the city is 25 kilometers, which can be accessed from the route of the highland village of Kharv, South Khorasan province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Accommodation is provided in Kharv village.
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Morteza Ali Hot Spring
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