Khezri Stone Bridge and Farsan Cave

About: Khezri Stone Bridge and Farsan Cave

Khezri stone bridge and Farsan cave
Farsan stone bridge is located in the 62 kilometer distance of Qayen town, 12 kilometer distance of the north of Khezri town and in the 2 kilometer distance of the east of Saquri village. In terms of leisure, this promenade has a very suitable condition.
Stone bridge with 30 meters of length and a 20 meter height alongside several other small and large caves is the shelter of birds of prey, especially wild dove.
Farsan cave is also a cave left from the Mesolithic age, and despite having ancient layers, no investigation has been conducted in it yet.
This attraction was registered in March of 2000 in the list of national relics.

General Specifications
Khezri Stone Bridge and Farsan Cave
Farsan's name is taken from Fars city which was one of the cities during Sassanid and early islamic periods
Special features
The arch of the cave is unique one in the world only having three others like it
Estimated required time for the visit
One hour
Access route
This touristic attraction is located 62 kilometers to the north of Qaen county, 12 kilometers to the north of Khezri city and 2 kilometers north east
Shelters on the path
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Khezri Stone Bridge and Farsan Cave

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