Jameh Mosque of Qaen

Qaen's tallest building

Emam Khomeini street, Qaen city, South Khorasan, Iran
About: Jameh Mosque of Qaen

Qaen Jameh Mosque (Zol-Qiblatayn) is the first registered historical monument in South Khorasan that is still considered as the tallest mansion of Qaen and an Islamic-Iranian masterpiece. This mosque has two mihrabs; one towards Kaba and one towards Beit al-Maqdis.  
According to the inscription in the mosque's porch, this monument was built in 796 AH (1395 AD) at the instigation of Amir Jamshid Gharani. Thus, Qaen Jameh Mosque belongs to late Ilkhanid and early Timurid periods. 
The mosque consists of courtyard, porch, Shabestan, chambers, entrance door, and sundial. The porch of the mosque is the most typical element of its architecture. The most important ornaments of the monument include brickwork of the front of the porch, paintings of the internal surfaces of the porch, and ornaments done in dual mihrabs. 
A sundial has been built in the middle of the mosque's courtyard in order to determine Shariah-defined noon of Qaen. 
This monument was registered in the list of Iran's National Heritage on December 20, 1937 under the registration number of 295.

General Specifications
Jameh Mosque of Qaen
Late Ilkhanid and early Timurid eras
Safavid era and after that
was built under the orders of Amir Jamshid Qareni.
Special features
This mosque has two Qiblas.
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Tomb of Bozorgmehr
Access route
Emam Khomeini street, Qaen city, South Khorasan, Iran
Access to vehicles
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Jameh Mosque of Qaen

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