Hamun Lake

Of the important wetlands of the world and the largest fresh water lake of Iran

About: Hamun Lake

The International Hamun Lagoon is one of the important lagoons in the world and is considered the greatest fresh water lake throughout Iranian Plateau that with an area of about 5700 square kilometers and deep domain of 1 to 5 in a desert and dry area in the eastern side of the country is located in Sistan Area and in E60o and 39” to E61o and 35” and N31o and 15” to 31o and 32”. The lake is formed of three sections called Hamun Puzak in north east, Hamun Saberi in the north and Hamun Hirmand in the west and south west of Sistan. A vast area of Hamun Puzak and the main area of Hamun Saberi are in Afghanistan and the rest of Hamun is in Iran. The area of each one of these Hamuns differes depending on the inlet water, rainy seasons, droughts and wet seasons and is a function of the flowing water in Hurmand River, water behind the dams and other seasonal rivers. During high water years and in spring and after the floods in Hirmand River and its branches, the three Hamuns are often connected to each other and are seen as a horseshoe.

General Specifications
Hamun Lake
Fresh water
The depth range of this lake is between 1to 5 meters.
Geographical features
Barren and desert region of the east of country, in the Sistan region
Animal features
14 species of fish-eating birds, Hamun fish, common carp and etc
Plant features
Several species have been identified in these areas, 10 of which have medicinal properties, 19 are forage and 11 are merely used for the purpose of desert greening.
Protected area
Best time to visit
Access route
27 kilometers northwest of Zabol, Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran
Network coverage
Hamun Lake

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