Reza Abad Village, Shahrud

About: Reza Abad Village, Shahrud

The nomadic village of Reza Abad is one of the environs of Biarjemand county of Shahrood town, located in a 240 kilometer distance of the east of Shahrood and in a 120 kilometer distance of the south east of Biarjemand.
Black tents (Siah Chador) and emigration of nomads, traditional clothing of men and women, the beauty of desert sky scenery at night on one of the dome shaped rooftops and spending one night in rural houses, eating local bread and food of Reza Abadi people, exciting Rallies and motor-cycle ridings on the top of sand hills and adventurous desert surfs in the vast desert of neighboring areas such as Do-Shakh desert of Abbas Abad and Mazinan desert are from the memorable scenes of this village.

General Specifications
Local products and souvenirs
Kilim, animal products
Desert village
Important parts to visit
Sand dunes and the attractions of the area
Nearest tourist attractions
Ghaleh Bala village, Turan national park
Special Offer
Make sure to take caps, sunglasses and sunscren lotion
Access route
123 kilometers south of Beyarjomand, Shahrud, Semnan, Iran
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از روستاییان میتوانید خانه اجاره کنید.
Reza Abad Village, Shahrud
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