Jangale Abr, Sahrud (Cloud forest)

About: Jangale Abr, Sahrud (Cloud forest)

Abr (Cloud) Forest of Tuskestan is a part of the eldest and most beautiful Hyrcanian forests with rare animal and plant species and it is one of the most beautiful places of Shahrud town. In this forest, clouds are so close to the trees that makes it seem like the forest is riding the clouds and you can wander in the clouds. Many tourists believe that this is one of the most scenic places of Iran’s nature.

General Specifications
Jangale Abr
Most of the times, the forest is enveloped by an ocean of clouds, hence the name Abr (cloud)
Geographical features
The border of Mian Band, between the two semi-desert and sylvan ecosystems, in other words, the border between Semnan and Golestan provinces.
Animal features
Brown bear, wolf, leopard, wild boar, jackal, fox, rabbit, wild goat, roe deer and snake, and from the birds, partridge, common wood pegion, hawk and etc
Plant features
Kadar, alder, ash, Robinia, wild pear, hornbeam and a number of pine trees and etc
Other features
One of the most unique and most beautiful ecosystems of Iran
Best time to visit
From afternoon until midnight hours
Necessary tools and equipment
Water (There may be water shortage in Abr village; which is going to be your first abode .)
Nearest tourist attractions
Tomb of Sheikh Abul Hasan Kharghani , mausoleum of Bayazid Bastami and Kashaneh tower
Access route
Semnan, 45 kilometers northeast of Shahrud, the route of Shahrud road to Azadshahr of Golestan province, Abr village
You can rent from the villagers
In the village and also in the jungle, the villagers themselves will treat you to their local foods
Drinkable water spring
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Jangale Abr, Sahrud (Cloud forest)
2017-10-06 14:12
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راهنمایی، خدمات گردشگری و اسکان در استان گلستان، شهر زیبای علی آباد کتول و روستاهای زیبای داخل جنگل
2017-10-06 14:11
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راهنمایی، اسکان و خدمات گردشگری در شهر تاریخی بسطام، قلعه نو خرقان و شاهرود
2017-10-06 14:10
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راهنمایی و اسکان در جنگل ابر و استان گلستان
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