Darband Cave, Mahdishahr

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Darband Cave is one of the greatest limestone caves in Iran that is located 2 kilometers from the north of Darband Tourist Area in Mahdishahr, the center of Mahdishahr County in Semnan Province. Mahdishahr Darband Cave is a tourist attraction from cretaceous period of the tertiary geological era III and one of the limestone caves with a pile of white-grey pastules with a generally oval shape. Darband Cave is one of the greatest limestone caves in Iran that was human habitat in the past. Mahdishahr Darband Cave with 140 million years of age is the second greatest limestone cave in Iran.
This cave was first investigated in 1325 by the Mountaineers Committee of Iran and a group of 4 mountaineers entered the cave in 1327 with the aim of discovering it and they were successful.
This cave is one of the visitable caves in Semnan Province for its enormous limestone columns and access survey.

General Specifications
Darband Cave, Mahdishahr
Geological history
This cave belongs to the Cretaceous period of the third geological period and it's been estimated to be 140 million years.
Physical features of the cave
The length of the cave is 114 meters, its altitude from sea level 2000 meters, height of its enterance from the foothills, 300 meters, its widest part 36 meters and its highest cieling is about 30 meters high.
Special features
The second largest limestone cave in Iran.
Nearest tourist attractions
Rudbarak forest, Siah Darreh (Karkuh), Fenesk forest, Parvar protected area, Rosier spring and canyon, Molla Deh (Sorkh Deh)
Access route
Souther slope of Lahard mountain, 2 kilometers north of Darband tourist area of Mehdishahr city, Mehdishahr county, Semnan province, Iran
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Darband Cave, Mahdishahr
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