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Siahkouh (Black mountain) region and Kavir national park is one of the eldest preserved areas in Iran. This region is located in the south of Garmsar and between the central desert of Iran and salt lake. Although this park is named “Kavir” , but several parts of this area has desert conditions and it has many plants.
Plus, there are springs and ponds in Kavir Park as well. Among them, the Sefidab spring near the environment watch of Sefidab, Namaki waterfall spring near Malek Abad and Siahkouh spring near environment watch of Siahkouh can be mentioned.
Kavir national park is the only national park of Iran which according to the Environment department, no kinds of human habitats, mines and license of grazing exists in this place.
Kavir national park is registered in UNESCO. 

General Specifications
Kavir National Park
Animal features
Asiatic Cheetah, Persian Leopard, Striped Hyena, Wolf, Sand Cat, Red Fox, Chinkara, Wild Goat, Rüppell'sFox, Ram and Ewe, Jackal, Caracal and etc
Plant features
The plants within the park are of the Halophyte and Xerophyte types
Necessary equipment
Abundant water, desert suitable car, spare tire, extra fuel, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion
Nearest tourist attractions
Deyr Gachin Caravansary, Qasre Bahram, Martian Hills
Special Offer
Action must be taken prior to the trip in order to acquire proper licence and information from the Department of Environment of Semnan and related authorities.
Access route
Semnan, south of Garmsar, between Iran's central desert and salt lakes
Residence at the beginning
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
Kavir National Park

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