Bazangan Lake

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About: Bazangan Lake

Bazangan is a natural lake located in the one kilometer distance of Bazangan rural road and in the 70 kilometer distance of Sarakhs town. Bazangan Lake or “Kal Bibi” is the gathering place of migrating birds and the place of trout (rainbow) fish.
Much study values are provided for researchers in Limnologic and ecological conditions terms, the brackish state of lake water, thermal levels, sedimentation of former eras, etc.
This lake is known as the only “national and natural relic” of Khorasan province.

General Specifications
Bazangan Lake
Bazangan lake's depth is between 9 to 12 meters
Animal features
Common carp, caspian kutun, trout. Among the birds of the lake,wild duck, heron, coot, ruddy shelduck can be named
Plant features
In terms of vegetation, there are brown algae and on its coast, tamarisk, padeh, felty germander, ferula gummosa, caraway and annual plants such as grasses can be seen
Protected area
Best time to visit
Spring and Winter
Nearest tourist attractions
Mazdavand cave, Ribat-i Sharaf caravanserai
Access route
Kilometer 100 from Mashhad- Sarakhs road about 10 kilometers after Mazdavand, sideway on the north side, 4 kilometers to the east of Bazangan village
Access to vehicles
Does not have
Does not have
Recreational facilities
Does not have
Bazangan Lake

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