Haft Houz Valley

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Hearing the name “Haft Houz” (seven pools) might only remind the Tehrani people of a square in one of the eastern neighborhoods of the capital, but this name for the Mashhadi people means the highest level of God’s architecture. “Haft Houz” is the name of one of the most intact, beautiful and unique natural phenomena of Iran.

Haft Houz is a region with smooth and polished rocks and has seven beautiful and intact natural pools. Because of the flow of water throughout several years and the fall of water from a pool other pools and of course because of the material of the stone, natural and very beautiful ponds have been formed in the heart of stones with the passage of time.

General Specifications
Haft Houz Valley
Best time to visit
Spring and Fall
Necessary equipment
Suitable clothing and shoes for walking over polished pebles, food, water
Nearest tourist attractions
Yaylak village of Moghan, Limestone cavein the area
Special Offer
Due to the area being mountainous, it is recommented to only visit during daylight hours
Access route
Khorasan Razavi, 7 kilometers to Mashhad
Parking at the beginning
Residence at the beginning
Restaurant at the beginning
Buffet at the beginning
Safekeeping at the beginning
Shelters on the path
Haft Houz Valley
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