Moghan Cave

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Moghan Cave is 28 kilometers from Mashhad and in the southern part of Moghan Village. Based on available evidences and discovery of snail fossils on the paths leading to the cave, the cave is assumed to date back to one hundred million years ago or the second geological period. The cave is very dangerous if you enter it without a guide and special facilities for its deadly abysses.
The cave has two openings. Its height is 2910 meters from sea level. There are signs of stalagmites and stalactites and several wells one of which is 25 meters deep. Additionally, there is an abyss with 35 centimeters wide and a pond. This cave was discovered in 1324 by mountaineers in Mashhad County.

General Specifications
Moghan Cave
Geological history
A hundred million years ago or at the second geological period
Physical features of the cave
Located at 2910 meters above sea level, it has two southern and eastern enterances, the main enteranceis the southern one.
Necessary equipment
Visitors to this cave need to have suitable clothing and shoes, flashlight, drinking water, and make sure to hire an experienced tour guide.
Access route
28 kilometers south of Mashhad and south of Moghan village, Razavi Khorasan, Iran
Access to vehicles
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Moghan Cave
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