Qara Su Waterfall

About: Qara Su Waterfall

Qareh Su waterfall is located to the western south of Kalat Naderi town and in the 10 kilometer distance of this town. The beautiful nature, climate and country weather, existence of high waterfalls with narrow valleys make a spectacular position for Qareh Su. The existence of eight waterfalls and cool springs and metal ladders provided for climbing the waterfalls are some of the factors attracting tourists to this area.

General Specifications
Qara Su Waterfall
Qara Su is a Turkish name literally meaning black water
Maximum height of the waterfall is 8 meters
Plant features
Juniper forests and many shrubs
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
A single day
Necessary tools and equipment
Clothing and footwear suitable for treading water
Nearest tourist attractions
Nader inscription, Khorshid palace
Access route
Southwest of Kalat county and 10 kilometers from it and one kilometers of the Layen road from he side of Kalat, Khorasan Razavi province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Unavailable but you can park the car at the village
Network coverage
Qara Su Waterfall

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