Akhlamad Waterfall, Chenaran

About: Akhlamad Waterfall, Chenaran

Akhlamad Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Khorasan Razavi in north east of Iran in Chenaran ounty and the old village of Akhlamad.
Being a natural promenade around Mashhad and with a history of several thousand years, Akhlamad is located in a valley between Binalud Mountains. At the beginning of the valley, there are different kinds of flowers and beautiful plants and dense trees wlong with numerous fruit gardens. Passing a bit of the path, there is the first waterfall with 23 meters height. Passing by this waterfall for one kilometer, the main Akhlamad Waterfall can be seen with a height of 40 meters and the third and fourth waterfalls are above this waterfall.
Mountaineers are interested in mountains in Akhlamad area for being limestone in material and very high.

General Specifications
Akhlamad Waterfall, Chenaran
The main waterfall of Akhlamad is 40 meters high
Plant features
Cherry and tree apple
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Nearest tourist attractions
Cherry spring (Golasb)
Special Offer
Akhmalad mountains are also quite suitable for rock climbing.
Access route
Akhmalad village, 12 kilometers west of Chenaran county, Razavi Khorasan, Iran
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Akhlamad Waterfall, Chenaran

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