Hovz-e Soltan Lake

Iran's natural mirror

About: Hovz-e Soltan Lake

Have you ever heard of a natural mirror? Hovz-e (pond) Sultan salt lake which is also known by the name of Saveh Qom Lake and Shahi Lake is located in Qom province. This lake is the largest salt lake of Iran which when rain falls, because of its polished surface a mirror is created as large as the lake itself and spectacular images are formed.

It is worth mentioning that Hovz-e Sultan was formed in 1883 as a result of building the gravel road of Tehran – Qom.


General Specifications
Hovz-e Soltan Lake
The lake has a completely flat and clear surface like a mirror and therefore it is known as the naturl mirror of Iran
Its height from sea level is 710 meters.
Animal features
Migratory birds such as greylag goose, ruddy shelduck, stork, variety of eagle, also rabbits, foxes and rare ants and etc
Plant features
There are more than 40 plant species such as southernwood, acanthophyllum, white saxual and black saxual, osage orange and spinach in this region.
Best time to visit
Early spring and mid Fall
Necessary tools and equipment
Suitable footwear for Namak (salt) lake
Access route
Hovz-e Soltan Namak lake is in Qom province,40 kilometers north of Qom county and 85 kilometers south of Tehran and on the roadside of Tehran-Qom highway.
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Hovz-e Soltan Lake
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