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Without any doubts, one of the strangest villages of Iran is Zargar village. It is located in the 100 kilometer distance of west of Tehran, in Abeik town of Qazvin province. A strange village with an enormously interesting story, and that is the residents of this village write in Latin and speak in the Romani (Zargari) language.
The Romani or Zargari language is the name of one the Indo-European languages in Iran which is spoken in Zargar village located in Abeik town of Qazvin province and in the winter quarter of Zargar people located in Shahryar of Tehran. Nosrat Allah Zargar, one of the residents of Zargars’ winter quarter is one of those who composed poems in this language and translated the poems of many Turkish poets including Telim xan and Mazoun Qashqai to Zargari (Romani), and he started his activities in Radio Tehran since 1993 in the “Culture and People” program.
The language of Zargari is a complete language which has its own grammar. Hassan Rezai Baqbeidi has conducted a comprehensive linguistic investigation upon the language of Zargar village, i.e. the Romani language.
It is mentioned in resources that the residents of Vasmaq village of Zarandieh town in Markazi province also speak in Zargari. In Lorestan province, Khorram Abad town, there are also a family with the name of Romani.

General Specifications
Zargar Village
Local language
Customs and traditions
Welcoming the gueasts with Ayran e Si, local musical instrument known as Chogur (Gopuz), Loyalty to family and love of country
Local products and souvenirs
Dairy and agricultural products
The people of this village write in latin and speak Zargari Romani
Similar villages and monuments
Zargarha's Qeshlaq village in the Shahryar county of Tehran province, Vesmaq village of Zarandieh county in Markazi province
Access route
Zargar village, Abyek county, Qazvin, Iran
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Zargar Village

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