Mian Dasht Wildlife shelter

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About: Mian Dasht Wildlife shelter

Mian dasht wildlife shelter with an approximate area of 85 thousand hectares is located in the east of Jajarm town. This area is preserved by the environment department since 1973 and by having nearly 3500 deer and Asiatic Cheetah it is considered as one of the best habitats of these two animal species in the country. With an arid and semi-arid climate, Miandasht is considered as one of the richest steppe habitats of the country which has several animal and plant species in its heart. The permanent river of Kalshour with its north to east current flows in the middle of Mian Dasht.

General Specifications
Mian Dasht Wildlife shelter
Animal features
Fox, rabbit, ruddy shelduck, bustard, ovis, wolf, boar, northern goshawk, long-legged buzzard, eastern imperial eagle and etc
Plant features
The vegetation of the area is mostly of halophytes such as tamarisk, alhagi, meadowsweet, haloxylon and milkvetch
Special features
Asiatic cheetah's habitat and protected area
Best time to visit
Spring till Fall
Access route
Mian Dasht wildlife shelter is made up of the plain and steppe areas located 10 kilometers southeast of Jajrom, North Khorasan
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Mian Dasht Wildlife shelter

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