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Ruin is one of the villages of the central part of Esfarayen County in North Khorasan Province. Ruin’s people speak Tati language. Due to its stair-like architecture , this village is also known as Masuleh Ruin Village. It is one of the tourist attractions of Esfarayen County with pleasant weather. The village’s heights, permanent rivers, and old plane trees have made this village a unique one. Ruin tourist area is also known as “Apple Blossoms Village”, and its distinguished features are old houses and steep alleys that attract the visitors. 
The village is among the tourist villages of the country with its specific traditions and Tati dialect.

General Specifications
"Ruin" means hard and resistant; it has been named so due to the high and mighty mountains around it.
Local language
Customs and traditions
Khal Kattak ceremony, ceremony of playing dice, Chillegi ceremony, Khale Khaltane ceremony
Local products and souvenirs
Honey, apple, pear, walnut, peach gheysi, night chador weaving, hosiery
Tati dialect
Important parts to visit
Historical monuments and the nature of the village
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One day
Similar villages and monuments
Kiringan village in East Azerbaijan and some other villages in the country with a Tati dialect
Access route
7 kilometers from the Bojnourd-Esfarayen road, North Khorasan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Ruin Village

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