Sarigol National Park

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A national park is a range of natural resources such as forest, meadow, natural woodlands, plain, river, lake, and mountain that indicates remarkable examples of natural reflections. In order to permanently maintain the status of ecosystem, create an appropriate environment for wild animals to reproduce and endangered plants to grow, and prevent destructive human manipulation, governments protect these areas. 
Sarigol National Park and Protected Area is located in North Khorasan Province east of Esfarayen County. Its shortest distance with a nearest city, i.e. Esfarayen is about 8 kilometers. Having 200 plant and animal species as well as several birds, this area is considered as one of the important natural habitats of Iran. 
On September 11, 1974, Sarigol Area officially went under the protection of the Department of Environment by act 47 of December 11, 1973.

General Specifications
Sarigol National Park
Sarigol means yellow lake in Turkish.
Geographical features
Diverse high mountainous and cold habitats, temperate hills and low plains with rather warmer climate compared to the mountainous regions.
Animal features
Leopard, hyena, wolf, caracal, common fox, wild cat, urial ram, wild goat, gazelle, boar, marten, variety of birds.
Plant features
Many species of warm and cold regions can be seen at Sarigol. In the bottom of the valleys, the tree and shrub species of barberry, willow, fig and walnut, on the highlands the species of Juniper can be seen sporadically and in dense abundance.
Other features
Protected area
Best time to visit
Estimated duration for the visit
One day
Access route
8 kilometers from Esfarayen, North Khorasan, Iran
Drinkable water spring
Sarigol National Park

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