Hamid Waterfall

About: Hamid Waterfall

Hamid village is located in the 7 kilometer distance of south of Bojnord. In the south of this village, there are narrow valleys with massive rocks and in the end of the valley, a waterfall can be seen with a height of 25 meters in the 2 kilometer distance of Hamid village. The water of this waterfall springs from Abchour village. Hamid village and waterfall has always been used as a promenade and has always been under the attention of mountain climbers and families.

General Specifications
Hamid Waterfall
25 meters
Plant features
The vegetation of the include a variety of medicinal hrbs, pastural plants and shrubs such as fig and raspbery
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Baba Aman national park
Access route
North Khorasan province, Bojnord, Hamid waterfall is located in the axis of Bojnord-Faruj highway on the 10th kilometer
Access to vehicles
Does not have
Does not have
You could rent a room from the village for staying the night
Hamid Waterfall
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