Ayoub Peyghambar Hot Springs

About: Ayoub Peyghambar Hot Springs

Ayoub-e Peqambar  hot water spring is formed of a set of springs emerging from the heart of the ground and flows on its surface. The spring water temperature is approximately 36 centigrade degrees. The water of this spring forms a pool with an area of 459 square meters and with a depth of approximately 5 meters. Currently, the residents of the district and the people who are aware of the therapeutic feature of this water use this spring for leisure and swimming. In the five meter distance of this spring, there is a fresh and cold water spring and its water enters this pool from its northern side which the coolness of this water is clearly recognizable in this part. There are fences around this pool for observing the safety and health principles.

General Specifications
Ayoub Peyghambar (Jacob the Prophet) Hot Springs
Locals believe that prophet Jacob , in order to cure himself from vitiligo, knocked his staff on the ground causing a spring of hot water to erupt from the earth
Hot springs
Its average depth is about one and half meters
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary tools and equipment
Clothing, towel and etc
Access route
Ayoub hot springs is located in Gifan rural district 86 kilometers north of Bojnord in Ayoub village
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Ayoub Peyghambar Hot Springs
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