Mofakham Mansion, Bojnourd

Anthropology and Archeology Museum

Northern Shariati street, Bojnourd, North Khorasan, Iran
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From 9 am to 19 pm
About: Mofakham Mansion, Bojnourd

Mofkham Mansion is the largest and most significant architectural monument of Qajar period in North Khorasan, which is located in the northeast of Bojnord City. 
Along with other monuments including Mirror House, Pavilion, Springhouse, and portal, Mofkham Mansion lied in a big garden in Qajar dynasty all of which constituted Mofkham Government House. 
The mansion was built at the instigation of Yar Mohammad Khan Shadlu, known as Sardar Mofkham, in 1300s AH during Nassereddin Shah's reign. It was where Sardar Mofkham and his family lived and hosted state guests and politics. 
The building was given to Public Health Administration by Sardar Mofkham's heirs to be used as a hospital. 
In August-September of 1991, the mansion was given to the then Cultural Heritage Organization of Bojnord. It became the Museum of Anthropology and Archeology of Bojnord County after some slight repairs and modifications. 
Mofkham Mansion was registered in the list of National Heritage under the registration number of 952. The Mansion's spectacular architecture with its colorful tilework can absorb you in the world of history.

General Specifications
Mofakham Mansion,
Named after its founder
Qajar era
1991 (1370 in solar calendar)
Mohammad Khan Shadlu known as Mofakham
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Manion of mirriors (Museum of documents and manuscripts)
Access route
Northern Shariati street, Bojnourd, North Khorasan, Iran
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Mofakham Mansion, Bojnourd
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