Shur Mast Lake

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Shur Mast Lake is the only natural lake in Savad Kuh County in Pol-e Sefid (White Bridge) with an area of 15 hectare square meters and depth of 5 meters. This lake is 5.5 kilometers from Pol-e Sefid City.
The natural lake of Savad Kuh County is about 6 kilometers from west of Pol-e Sefid City and is located in the heights facing this city beside Shur Mast Village. The lake view and its surrounding forest are covered by old and towering alder trees and have made it one of the most elegant places in Savad Kuh County. Travelers, ecotourists and fishermen continuously use this lake at the moment.

General Specifications
Shur Mast Lake
Its deepest part is 5 meters
Plant features
Alder trees
Best time to visit
All the seasons
Necessary tools and equipment
Ten, enough supplies for a single day trip
Access route
The sphalt roadin at the center of Polsefid city leads to Shur Mast village. About 65 kilometers after Firouzkuh and passing near the Veresk bridge you'll reach the Polsefid city, 5.5 kilometers from Polsefid city, Mazandaran province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Shur Mast Lake

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