Pasha Kola Village, Sari

About: Pasha Kola Village, Sari

If you are one of the enthusiasts of mountain climbing and walking in forests and nature, we suggest you to travel to Pasha Kola village.

Pasha Kola is very beautiful and pleasurable village located in the 64 kilometer distance of Sari city in the limits of eastern Alborz.

General Specifications
Pasha Kola Village, Sari
The name of the village dates back to Safavid era but the village itself dates back to pre-islamic period.
Local products and souvenirs
Agricultural products
Important parts to visit
Nature of the village
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
Mazandaran, 64 kilometers south of Sari
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
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برای اقامت میتوانید از روستاییان اتاقی اجاره کنید.
Pasha Kola Village, Sari
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